Font Awesome

We’re Hiring a Product Designer

by Font Awesome

Recently, the open source project Shoelace joined Font Awesome. We’re hiring a product designer to partner with the Shoelace and Font Awesome founders to build an entirely new design system product. You’ll work directly with us to take Shoelace to a whole new level.


In many design positions, different individuals handle UX, UI, and some front-end development. At Font Awesome, they are all one role and include working in HTML, CSS, and a good bit of JS. In this role as a senior, lead, or principal product designer, you will work with us to help define, architect, design, and build a new design system product and tooling for the next version of Shoelace. You’ll drive the process from brainstorming to sketches to prototype to production code used by millions. 

While you’ll be heads-down on Shoelace, you’ll also occasionally collaborate with other Font Awesome product designers. Being a product designer here means being involved in everything we do.


  • You’re a technical front-end product designer with extensive experience in HTML & CSS. You often work in JS and other full stack tools.
  • You have considerable product design experience and have worked on multiple design systems over the past several years.
  • You believe that design is more than just look and feel — design is how it works.
  • You believe that great accessibility and performance are fundamental usability concerns.
  • You recognize that a healthy workplace involves disagreement, and conflict isn’t something to be avoided. You never take yourself too seriously, as you know it’s the first step in taking conflict personally.
  • You love continuously making things better. As a product designer, you’re all too aware of the problems that exist around you. You constantly turn over possible solutions in your head, then work within the organizational constraints to see things made better.


Eleven years ago, Font Awesome 1.0 was released. It made it easier than ever to get icons and social logos on your website. Since then, we’ve grown to millions of users across hundreds of millions of websites serving trillions of icons every month. In 2016, we broke two Kickstarter records for software projects (most backed and most raised) that still stand to this day. Along the way, we found a business model where an open source project could transform into a profitable business without needing to beg the big companies. We’ve stayed true to the open source spirit and made the free version over three times bigger. 

And we’re tremendously proud of all of that. But the thing that drives us? Being fulfilled in life and work and doing it alongside the best humans we’ve ever known. And not just the most capable. The folks you want to do the best work of your life with. We’re a calm company, since we do our best work in a state of flow. We’re a remote company, because it gives us the freedom to live our lives how we think best. We work eight hours a day, because we bring our best to work when we spend the right amount of time not at work. We love working with folks who are wildly different from us, as we know our unique backgrounds mean we can all be better together. We share the things we’re nerding out about, because real company culture comes from the lives we have outside of work. We love the people we work with, and we love the work we get to do together.

You can find out more about us on our blog and podcast.


  • Hiring a Senior, Lead, or Principal Product Designer
  • Minimum annual salary of $148,500 adjusted for experience level
  • Generous PTO and sick time policy
  • Fully paid maternity and paternity leave for birth or adoption
  • Health coverage with 100% employee premium and 70% family premium covered
  • Dental coverage with 99% employee premium and 70% family premium covered
  • Vision coverage with 99% employee premium and 70% family premium covered
  • Basic life insurance
  • Long-term and short-term disability insurance
  • 401k plan with company match
  • Fully remote work environment
  • Sadly, US-based applicants only
  • Questions? Email us at


Please use your cover letter to share your thoughts on the following:

  1. What’s a product whose design drove you a bit crazy? What was wrong with it? How would you fix it?
  2. What’s a product whose design inspired you so much you had to talk to somebody else? What was so great about it?
  3. What does your ideal product design process look like? What are your absolute requirements? What are your nice to haves?
  4. Tell us about a design system you’ve built. How did your design process inform its development? What do you feel it did well, and what could it have done better? How did it change your thinking for the next one you build?
  5. Which design system thinkers do you believe are doing especially good work and why?
  6. Separate from your time at work, what have you recently been spending your time nerding out about? I.e., what has been captivating your time and attention lately? Why do you love it?

We value great writers, so take your time with the application. A stock cover letter won’t tell us anything unique about why you’re perfect for this job, so write something from scratch. And please, keep it to 1500 words, as brutal editing is great design. Combine your cover letter with any materials that best represent your experience and expertise and send them to

We’re excited to get to know you.