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Podcast Awesome Recap, Episode 1: Strengthening Company Culture through Nerdery

by Font Awesome

Well, wouldn’t you know it? Our podcast is finally live and out in the world. Yay us! What’s Podcast Awesome you ask? A short-form, conversational podcast where we discuss icons, design, technology, business, and of course nerdery with Font Awesome team members.  

In this episode, we discuss all the work we did in 2022, and what we are planning for 2023.  

So, what can you expect to hear on Podcast Awesome? 

You’ll get to know the members of the Font Awesome team. 

As part of our ongoing Nerd Show and Tell series, we introduce members of the Font Awesome team. You’ll get a glimpse into recent work they’ve completed at Font Awesome and dive deep into the rabbit hole — sometimes even all the way down into the underground city — of their interests at work, including coffee roasting, horror movie appreciation, hand-built music machines, and mechanical keyboards

It’s called nerdery people, which is a key cultural value at Font Awesome. Why? Because as Dave Gandy has said, “we believe the most substantive pieces of company culture come from everything people are outside of the workplace. Everything they do and bring with them from home is where the richness and depth of a company’s culture can come from.” Well said, Mr. Gandy. Well said. 

You’ll catch a glimpse of how we foster healthy culture-building. 

Although Font Awesome has always been a remote-work company, it hasn’t been without challenges. Our belief is that remote work can help team members focus and produce great work, but we also believe that face-to-face communication is important. That’s why we meet up at our bi-annual “Snuggles.”

Yes, the “Snuggle” is a tongue-in-cheek name for our company wide meetups. As for the name, it kind of says it all. At the Snuggle, some business gets done, but it’s mostly a time to reconnect and be together — a week of catching up for all the water cooler moments we miss throughout the year. We eat good food, watch movies together, smoke the occasional cigar, and even play D&D. 

It’s also a great time to show off our nerdy side. Sharing our interests with one another helps us bond socially, which in turn builds trust and camaraderie. As luck would have it, during Snuggle “snactivity” times, we were able to create some of the most memorable features together, including the Icon Wizard

Get a fly-by of all the awesome things we made in 2022. 

We Launched Font Awesome 6! 

Early 2022 marked the beginning of the new year with the official release of Font Awesome 6. We had to batten down the hatches and tackle a few issues at Font Awesome in 2020 after a few things happened globally. With almost twice as many icons, new categories, and our all-new Thin icon style, we brought you the most awesome version.

Blast Your Boredom and Play Space Awesome! 

Having been a fan of Oregon Trail since childhood, Ed Emanuel built “Space Awesome” while learning Vue.js. Space Awesome coincided with a certain space western saga’s 45th anniversary. Designed with all your favorite Font Awesome icons.

Class Up Your Project With Font Awesome Sharp Icons 

We’re big fans of Font Awesome Classic Solid. However, you may have different needs depending on the project. Sharp icons might be a good choice. Sharp is available in Solid and Regular now, with Light, Thin, and Duotone coming soon. Sharp icons work, and they fit like a glove, regardless of web fonts, SVGs, or Kits.

Shoelace Joins Font Awesome 

Shoelace is a great product and highly useful. Honestly, we think that web components are a great next step for the internet as a whole and a great way to build websites. We’re thrilled Shoelace partnered up with Font Awesome. Stay tuned for 2023!

Wield Near Infinite Icon Magic With the Icon Wizard 

There’s a funny backstory to this one. You see, our very own Brian Talbot has a way of naming projects and even writing up whimsical and fun project start documents with all kinds of funny inside jokes. So, per usual, we were thrilled that he got this project off the ground under the name Font Awesome Reusable Tidbits. Well, what’s so special about that? The acronym of course which spells F.A.R.T.S. Yes, our middle school humor wins again, but we thought … you know, maybe we should be just a little bit more grown up with the launch name? Anyhow, we renamed it the Icon Wizard perhaps just minutes before it went live. 

The Icon Wizard lets you add modifying elements like circle-plus, slash, and poop to nearly any Font Awesome icon. (Available with the Pro subscription.)

Additionally, 2022 brought some much needed changes to Font Awesome, like a new website refresh, Humanitarian Icons, and Pro Max Plans! 

So, what’s in store for 2023? 

A downloadable Kit is a great option if you need to host your project yourself. In case you lost or edited those original files, you’ll find the optimized and processed SVG files for your custom icons in the downloaded bundle. Your project needs 10 custom icons and you want to use the solid style. You can download your Kit, reference those two options in your project, and get that lean Kit experience.  

And it may be too soon to say what’s coming next, but you can be sure it’ll include more icons and more ways to use them. More icons and ease of use. This is the way. We have spoken. 

Ready to hear episode 1?