Font Awesome

Behold the Font Awesome Icon Wizard

by Font Awesome

One ring icon to rule them all …

How many icons are enough? Well, we’ve been saying juuuust a few more ever since 2012. What can we say? Icon tech and design cast a spell on us. 

And now we’ve cast a technological spell of our own, so Pro users have the power to wield near-infinite icon magic with our new Icon Wizard (currently in Beta). Abracadabra!

Choose One of 23 Variations to Magically Enhance Your Icons 

Do you need to provide wayfinding on your site for a spell search? Add “magnifying-glass” to book-sparkle. Shan’t allow someone to pass? Pair together “x-mark” with person-walking. Maybe you need to create a no-magic zone? Pair together “slash” with wand-magic. Got wizard hats for sale on your site? Add “tag” to hat-wizard.

As you stroke your wizard-y beard, you may ask yourself, “but doesn’t icon sorcery of this caliber require 9th-level divination skills?” Au contraire, magical heir. We’ve made the Icon Wizard as straightforward as possible.

Behold, the Font Awesome Icon Wizard

Afraid that your icon tinkering will conjure Morgul magic? Fear not. Our enchanted engineers have made a special study of bewitchments with fire and light so as to protect against the Dark Arts of broken code. 

Still, since the Icon Wizard is in Beta, there may be a few glitches in the magical forest of ones and zeros. Nothing that will lead you into a giant spider’s web, mind you, but we’re looking to perfect the Icon Wizard before its full release. 

But if you have not a Pro account, your efforts to open the west gate into the world of icon magic will be in vain. 

Ready to magically enhance your icons with the Icon Wizard? Speak, friend, and enter!

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