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Who Needs a Seat? A Quick and Dirty Breakdown for Font Awesome Pro Users

by Font Awesome

If you have a Font Awesome Pro plan, you might be wondering how the license works, what “seats” are — and who within your organization is required to have one.

Here’s the TL;DR of “who needs a seat.” 

When you sign up for Font Awesome Pro, you get a perpetual license which is just a way of saying you can use the version of Font Awesome you paid for for life. That’s pretty sweet. 

Think of a “seat” as a spot designated for a content creator who uses Font Awesome Pro icons. This includes people at your company AND your clients. 

Those with a seat are covered when using the icons while creating websites, presentations on the desktop, mobile apps, etc.

But don’t worry about who sees the content. If you want to print two million fliers, go for it. Do a bajillion people visit your site each month? Keep up the good work. 

Who Needs a Seat on My Pro License?

You’ll want to count a seat for these folks.

  • Designers placing icons in their digital and graphic designs
  • Developers directly referencing icons in their source code
  • Writers, bloggers, and content creators who use icons directly in their pieces

But there’s no need to count seats for these people.

  • Visitors and users of your site, service, or app
  • Visitors and users of your internal portal, service, or app
  • People and automated tools that are just compiling or releasing code
  • Other employees or contractors who are not using Font Awesome directly

Assigning and Unassigning Seats 

Assigning Seats

Remember, a seat assignment can go to a content creator in your organization and your clients. Go to the seat assignment form in your Font Awesome account to assign seats.

Unassigning Seats

Sometimes someone quits working on your project, leaves the company, or changes roles. Maybe you’ve maxed out your seat spots, and need to play musical chairs within the org. No problem. You can remove a creator from a seat on your Font Awesome Pro license using the same seat assignment form in your account.

What a seat assignment is — and isn’t 

As an FYI, the seat assignment form is only for your records. We don’t make accounts for each individual listed, and we won’t be collecting their personal data.  

Still not sure who needs a seat?

If you’re looking for icons or you find yourself using any of the how-to-use docs, you most likely need a seat

If you’re still curious about the details of the license and need more information, check out our FAQ

It May Be Time to Add Seats to Your Plan

Remember, a standard Pro plan allows for five-seat spots. If you need more, you can add an additional seat for $20. 

But suppose you are in a larger organization building lots of stuff with multiple content creators. In that case, it might be time to upgrade to a Pro Max plan, which includes 10,000,000 pageviews, infinite Kits, and custom icon uploads, not to mention 50 seats. Go to our plans page to learn more.  

Check Out Pro Max