Font Awesome

Font Awesome 6 Is Live! See the New Icons, Styles and Upgrade Without the Hassle

by Matt Johnson

To infinity and beyond!

There’s been a lot of hustle and bustle at the Font Awesome compound of late. (Maybe you’ve noticed our recent beta releases?) with each new iteration, we continued forging new icons and squashing bugs (ew, David!) That means more icons, more styles, and more ways to use Font Awesome. Well, the wait is over and version 6 is official!

We think Font Awesome 6 is our best release to date, and we’ve been so excited to get it into your hands we were having a hard time containing ourselves.

Special Thanks to the Fa-community   

Much appreciation for everyone’s patience as we fine-tuned the fa-factory machinery and sweetened the fa-recipe to perfection. Special thanks are due to those who gave our betas a taste test and provided so much great, constructive feedback. 

What’s New? More Icons and Styles for Miles 

Well, of course, we’ve been cranking out new icons — it’s what we do! More icons mean less mindless perusing the interweb for that perfect icon and endlessly tweaking your designs to match the look and feel of your other icons. 

And the Font Awesome Forgery continues humming along at peak production, with even more icons and styles to come throughout 2022.

Find the Perfect Look and Feel For Your Project 

You know what “they” say; we’ve got an icon and a style for that so you can visually dial in your site juuuust right. And with Font Awesome 6, we have an entirely new THIN style.

Make a bold statement, even in small sizes.
Smooth out your design with easygoing, readable icons.
Turn down the tone just a smidgen for when you need a lighter touch.
Style your site with the latest super-light designs.
Go big with an illustrated feel by adding a pop of color. 

New + Updated Icon Categories

With more than 7,000 icons, Font Awesome keeps adding the most requested and popular icons (including some fun ones. Just because.) 

When new icons and sets come into the world, it’s a sign that you’ll be wasting less time hunting down icons, combining from multiple sets, or finding that company’s official logo in a skeezy back alley of the internet.

Font Awesome Works Where You Do

But we do much more than making great-looking icons. We make it our mission to nerd out, tinker, and fine-tune the heck out of the icon tech to ensure Font Awesome icons are super easy to use where and how you want.

A Smoother Upgrading Process

If you’ve been with Font Awesome for a while, you may have noticed that upgrading to version 5 was a bumpy ride for many, and we learned a lot along the way. To ensure a smoother upgrade experience, we doubled down on testing and squashed every bug in sight.

We tested many upgrading-to-v6 scenarios and tweaked our docs accordingly. That means Font Awesome 6 is backward compatible, and upgrading should be straightforward, even directly from version 4. Old icon names, old unicode values trapped in CSS pseudo-elements, or icon styles (e.g. ‘fa’) don’t break when switching to v6.

With the majority of upgrades, everything should “just work” as it should. And for upgrades with a heavier lift, we’re right there to spot you with easy-to-follow documentation

Upgrading on the web

With Kits, all that’s needed is a settings change. And if you host your own files, update your packages or manually replace existing assets with v6’s. And while the upgrading paths for Python are more complex, we’ve got all the info you should need.  

Upgrading on the desktop 

We worked hard to make upgrading to Version 6 on the desktop as smooth and easy as possible, including troubleshooting common challenges. 

Dive Deeper into What’s New for v6

Listing every new icon, tweak, and improvement would be quite a heap of content. If you’re curious to see everything, by all means, check out what’s changed on the web and on the desktop

In the meantime, please “officially” enjoy version 6!. Believe us; the web’s going to have a new secret ingredient that goes beyond pure icon-imagination. 

Check out Version 6!