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Font Awesome 6’s Alpha 3: Triple Espresso

by Brian Talbot

This is espresso, you know? It’s like Coffee-zilla.

Font Awesome 6’s third Alpha release is out now! Along with more fine-tuning and fixes, we’ve added a few goodies and of course more icons.

New Icons Added to Font Awesome 6 Alpha 3
Fruit, family, face scanning, and ferris wheels are among the icons added to Alpha 3

More Fresh + Refreshed Icons

With the release of Alpha 3, Font Awesome 6 now has 500+ all-new icons and 2,500+ icons in each of our 5 styles (including the new kid on the block, Thin). In this release, we’ve added more commissioned icons, more top community requests, and took another pass on many of our existing icons to add more pixel polish.

You’ll fa-flip Over Our New Animations

In Alpha 2, we made a bunch of improvements to our Styling Toolkit that takes the trouble out of sizing, rotating, stacking, and plain old using icons on the web. And as part of that work, we made our fa-spin flexible and customizable. But like our infinitely spinning icons, we couldn’t stop there…

Beat Animation

Fade Animation

Flash Animation

Flip Animation

We’ve added 4 additional animations that can be paired to any of our thousands of icons on the web. Make your fa-heart skip a beat with the all-new fa-beat. Make sure to warn someone of that fa-flask-round-poison with our fa-fade or fa-flash animations. And flip your favorite record or cassette, cameras, checks to be scanned, and even the fa-script using our new fa-flip animation. As with fa-spin, these new animations are packed with easy customization via CSS Custom Properties. Oh, and they all play well from an accessibility perspective thanks to our new use of the prefers-reduced-motion media query.

Custodians of Classification + Categories 

We’ve prepped for some fun things to come by cleaning up the metadata around our icons. We’ve added a bunch of new search terms to make finding the right icon even easier. And we’ve revised all of our icon categories so that they’re balanced in both subject matter and icon counts.

It was dusty, but someone had to spring clean these categories

You’ll also find a bunch of smaller tweaks and tightening of bolts with this pre-release. In our future Alphas and Betas, we’ll be focusing on other aspects of Version 6. And of course, we’ll be making things better with your feedback (thanks in advance) along the way.

Oh, and remember to check out the other Version 6 Alpha and Beta releases we’ve got out there too – like uploading your own icons, our Desktop Subsetter, an official WordPress Plugin, and more.

All these goodies are included with your Font Awesome Pro Plan. Don’t have a plan? Subscribe today and try out the Version 6 Alpha and all the other great stuff Font Awesome offers.

Go try out Version 6’s Alpha 3!