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FA1: Behind the Icon — Poo Storm

by Matt Johnson

According to the Font Awesome doppler radar, there’s not a cloud in the sky, but hang on, folks, because it’s going to be a scorcher with 13,000 icons and counting! 

High pressure is causing the wind to pick up, which could mean some changes in the forecast that really stink. 

This is Poo-storm — the story behind the icon.

Weather Icons

Whenever we create a set of icons related to signage adhering to a set of regulations, we make sure to stick to those standards. So when we created weather-related icons, we built them with the NOAA parameters in mind. 

But as we chipped away at that icon set, we also couldn’t help but notice that cloud icons look a little bit like … a pile of poo. 

You know, given the last year and a half, a billow of poo only seemed natural, and we’ve got to keep our sanity somehow. So, middle school humor prevailed, and voila! — out plopped the poop-storm icon.

You’re welcome. 

But, you know, why stop there? There had to be a fun movie reference icon that’d fit into the icon set while we were at it. And since many of us have kids around who watch animated movies on repeat, it was only natural to make the cloud-meatball icon while we were at it. 

C’mon, you’ve watched “The Big Bang Theory” on repeat for the 53rd time. Mix it up tonight and get “Cloudy With a Chance Of Meatballs” in the queue!

So, we don’t see our oddball icons in the wild often, but we believe in you, Font Awesome Community. Now’s your chance. Show us whatcha got

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