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5 Annoying Things You Can STOP Doing When You Get Font Awesome Pro

by Matt Johnson

Looks like somebody has a case of the Mondays!

Have you ever perfectly mapped out a work week only to get sucked into a vortex of seemingly inconsequential details that murderize your productivity? Like, I dunno, troubleshooting icon issues?

(Insert wilting trombone sound here.) 

We admit it — website icons fall into the “seemingly inconsequential” details category. But there’s no reason troubleshooting icons and getting them onto your site should ruin your day. 

If you’re using Font Awesome Free, we’re glad you’re here. We’ve got oodles of free stuff you can use, and we always will. But if working with what you have seems limiting OR frustrating, you might consider upgrading to Pro. 

When You Get Font Awesome Pro, You Can Stop … 

1. Scrounging the skeezy corners of the internet for the right icon

Let’s be honest, when you cobble together multiple icon sets to get everything you need, you’ll inevitably have to fill in the gaps with oddball icons that require either lots of searching or lots of design tweaks to make sure your icons match. 

With Font Awesome Pro, you get an absurd number of icons — 14,000 and counting! — in five different styles and 66 categories. That means you can almost guarantee that you’ll never have to find a random icon in a dank back alley of the interwebs ever again. 

2. Wasting time with busy work

With a Font Awesome Kit, you can cut out the laborious manual tasks from your workflow. Automate version updates to get the latest and greatest improvements. Serve up only the icons you need with auto-subsetting for lightning-fast page loading, and invite everyone to the party with auto-accessibility

And while you get all these things with a free account, you’re limited to a single Kit. If you’re juggling multiple sites, with Pro, you get 20 hosted Kits. When do you need multiple Kits? Well, when you’ve got multiple projects, we recommend setting up a Kit for each project or website you work on. That way, you can configure the version, and settings you want to use individually.

3. Using workarounds for those one-off icons 

The added bonus of Kits is, you can bring your own icons too! Maybe you’ve searched through thousands of Font Awesome icons, but still haven’t found what you’re looking for. Now there’s no more “no icons found”. Get the icon you need, by adding it yourself! 

Upload your official mark and use it just like you’re used to adding official brand icons. It’s a great way to make sure your brand renders perfectly and can be scaled/styled just the way you want it on your project.

When you upload your icons to a Kit, they look, feel, and behave just like other Font Awesome icons. You can size, color, add power transforms, animate your icons, and more

4. Fretting about getting shut down for non-compliance on pageviews

You may not know this, but each time one of your Font Awesome Kits is loaded from the Internet, that counts as a pageview and is tallied up monthly  — a free plan gets you 10k views per month. If you’re getting heavy traffic, yay you! Only, make sure you’re within your limits, otherwise, your Kit might be disabled when you exceed that limit.

But with Font Awesome Pro, you get 1 million pageviews. (That’s a heckuva lot of views!) Not sure why your views are so high as-is? Your Kit code may have leaked, doh! Check out how to whitelist your domains

5. Searching through mountains of content to solve your oddball problem 

Our documentation and troubleshooting tips handle the vast majority of issues for troubleshooting icons. But in those oddball cases, having Actual Human™ Tech Support can make all the difference. With Font Awesome Pro, when you reach out, a true human being helps you. Honest! 

We’ll Do the Grunt Work So You Don’t Have To 

We’ve had one too many workdays go down the toilet because of icons ourselves. It’s why we started Font Awesome. Let us be the nerds about the icons and tech, so you don’t have to. 

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