Font Awesome

Introducing Font Awesome Kits

by Travis Chase

Give me a little juice, F.R.I.D.A.Y.

Kits are the fastest and easiest way to get Font Awesome up and running on your website. It’s a little bundle of settings and icons that we think is the best way to use Font Awesome.

By creating a kit you:

  • Save time getting icons on your web site.
  • Make your icons load super fast. And faster websites convert better.
  • Manage changes and settings easily, like staying up to date on the latest version.

Basically, Kits just work.

kits how to use steps
Kits are up in running in a matter of minutes and in 3 steps

At Font Awesome we are obsessed with icons and great design, and we think great design should be accessible to everyone. We provide tools and services that take care of all the annoyances so you can get to work. If you’ve got a Pro account, head on over to your account and start creating a Kit. Don’t have a Pro account? Sign up for a Free account and try out your first Kit on us.

With Free Kits you get:

  • Speed up your website by serving your kits on our global CDN
  • Handle all the caching of icons so we only download what doesn’t already exist in the browser
  • The ability to always have the latest version and icons Font Awesome ships (along with options to use a certain version).
  • Automatically take care of any icon accessibility concerns
  • The latest, greatest web technologies — HTTP/2, SRI, etc.

Upgrade to Pro Kits and you get:

  • More icons in all our styles.
  • More kits which means more projects that can easily use Font Awesome.
  • Duotone icons (coming very soon).
  • Automatic Subsetting! Speed up your web sites by loading only the icons your site is using.
a pro kit settings screen
Pro kits have even better performance thanks to automatic subsetting

How easy is it?

  • Create a Kit.
  • Add your Kit’s code to your project.
  • Add icons to your project’s UI.
  • #winning
a kits summary at a glance
Kits take care of all of your settings for you

Keep eye out on this blog for a more in-depth walk-through of Kits. This is just the start and we have even more Kits goodness coming soon. We are very proud of the work our team put in to bring Kits to life. We can’t wait to see how you use Kits. Give Kits a try and let us know what you think, we are listening.

Start Using a Kit Today