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FA1: Behind the Icon — Sportsball

by Matt Johnson

When you’re busy making 13,000 icons (and counting), creating the expected icon packs is often par for the course, but sometimes you’ve got to throw an icon curveball. 

(See what we did there?)

This is Sports — the story behind the icons.

Sports Icons

During the Font Awesome 5 Kickstarter, one of our stretch goals was to add more icon categories to Font Awesome. We relied heavily on the FA community to help identify and vote on what themes would be most helpful. One of the highest-ranked categories was “Sports,” so we got to work creating basketballs, footballs, and even a curling icon. (Because, you know. The sport of champions.)

Sport Icons [Beyond the Muggle World]

While we were at it, we couldn’t help but include an icon from the beloved Wizarding World. Was there a huge demand for a Quidditch icon? Not particularly, but we’d love to see it put to good use someday, should a Potterhead who’s building a website ever need one. 

So, we don’t see our oddball icons in the wild often, but we believe in you, Font Awesome Community. Now’s your chance. Show us whatcha got!

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