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FA1: Behind the Icons – Business Icons

by Jory Raphael

Creating 13,000 icons (and counting) is no small task. And while working at the icon love shack is awesome, it is, well, work

But on a Wednesday night, when there’s nothing on TV and the conditions are perfect for making icons, we like to slip into something a little more comfortable and add a little spice to our icon categories. Ah yeah. It’s business time. 

This is business — the story behind the icon.

Business Icons That Will Make All Your Dreams Come True

Font Awesome is often used by, well, businesses. As such, we wouldn’t be legit in the world of icons if we didn’t have an … ahem … business category. 

How would a visitor on your site know where to go to find a phone number, where to locate a Slideshare presentation, webinar event calendars, where to send a fax, or how to select a courier pigeon to send your urgent message to the CEO? 

Those were all must-have business icons. But we wouldn’t be Font Awesome if we didn’t include some spicier additions, too. That’s right. It’s business time, y’all.

Flight of the Conchords, anyone? 

So. the briefcase-clock icon? That’s right, baby. It’s business time. And the socks? Business socks, natch! 

It’s a comedy reference, you sickos! Don’t get any weird ideas for your site design! 

These double as legit icons, too, don’t they? Everyone should be on time for their meeting with their briefcase in tow, right? And there are probably plenty of websites specializing in textiles. Socks would be an obvious icon choice. 

So, we don’t see our oddball icons in the wild often, but we believe in you, Font Awesome Community. Now’s your chance. Show us whatcha got

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