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FA-1 Behind the Icon: Dumpster Fire

by Matt Johnson

At Font Awesome, we love the smell of sawdust in the morning and creating dreams with beams. That’s why we’re always looking to produce concrete results by raising the roof with unlikely icon finish work.

We’re building your website’s future, and sometimes that means bringing the house down with the perfect icon.   

This is dumpster-fire — the story behind the icon.

Construction Icons

What construction-themed icon pack wouldn’t include a dumpster? I mean, when you make stuff with 2X4s, hammers, nails, baling wire, bobby pins, and bubble gum, you create garbage and stuff, you know? At least, that’s what we’ve been told. 

Multiple examples of construction icons like paint brush, wrench, hammer, etc.

And given the state of the world over the last five-plus years, if we’re going to create a dumpster icon, we couldn’t NOT add a plume of smoke and fire. Cause, you know, sometimes the world is a bit of a dumpster fire. 

So, we don’t see our oddball icons in the wild often, but we believe in you, Font Awesome Community. Now’s your chance. Show us whatcha got with an appropo use of the dumpster-fire icon! 

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Or, you can make an icon request and vote it up the ranks of our icon leaderboard to get it officially added to Font Awesome.

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