Font Awesome

Science Fiction + Household Icons in 5.12

by Jory Raphael

Chewie, we’re home.

Science Fiction Icons

It’s no secret that we’re a bit nerdy at Font Awesome HQ. So when we sat down to plan out the new icons coming to version 5.12, we had to indulge our inner Geordi LaForge and expand our Science Fiction category. Not only have we added sci-fi staples like a raygun and alien, but we also have a few more general icons like a telescope, radar, and launched rocket.

Classic icons add new life to our Science Fiction category.

“Beam me up, Scotty”

Our new and updated science fiction icons include a few easter eggs.

Household Icons

With version 5.12, our efforts weren’t only focused on a galaxy far, far away – we’ve also included a selection of icons decidedly closer to home. Font Awesome’s household category has gotten an upgrade.

The household icon category is now much more robust and includes items like a vacuum, an air conditioning unit, and a sprinkler.

Font Awesome is now ready for your smart home.

These new icons join our exiting household icons.

Start using Font Awesome 5.12!

The new science fiction and household icons are available now at, along with a selection of new and updated brand icons. If you’ve got a Font Awesome Kit using the “latest” setting, then your new icons are already beamed up and ready to engage in your next project.

Siri, show me everything in Version 5.12