Font Awesome

New music + tech + western icons in 5.11

by Jory Raphael

But it’s very, very special. Because if you can see… the numbers all go to eleven. Look. Right across the board. Eleven. Eleven. Eleven.

Font Awesome version 5.11 is here with a selection of new icons that breath new (and vintage) life into our music and tech categories. We’ve also rustled up a few new western-inspired icons.

Music Icons

For the longest time, our music category was been fairly sparse, and our collection of musical instrument icons was even sparser. But we’re happy to announce that your band is no longer limited to only a drum and guitar. You can finally add that horns section! But why stop there? We also have a sax and a banjo! And you can even make the Bruce Dickinson proud by adding a cowbell, and a little more.

Tech Icons

In addition to the new music icons, we’ve also added a selection of icons that can loosely fall into a “tech” category. These include icons like an old rotary phone, a camcorder, and even a classic joystick.

Western Icons

We want to tip our hat to EconoPublish for sponsoring the side view of our new cowboy hat icon, and inspiring a selection of western-themed icons like our new covered wagon, cactus, and lasso icons.

Start using Font Awesome 5.11!

These icons and more are waiting for you over at If you’ve got a Font Awesome Kit using the “latest” setting, then the band is all warmed up and ready to play on your project right now.

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