Font Awesome

The 1 Free Tool That Clears Away Little Site-Building Annoyances so You Can Get Back to Work

by Matt Johnson

You gonna eat your tots?

Font Awesome Free accounts include one free Kit so you can get a sample taste of how much time you can save getting icons on your site. 

We’re not afraid to admit it. Free samples are awesome. I mean, who hasn’t snacked their way through lunchtime filling up on itty-bitty quiches and Dixie cups of chocolatey protein shakes at a particular big-box chain on a Saturday afternoon? 

(Just us? Cool, cool, cool.) 

Maybe mini-quiches aren’t your jam, but everybody can at least agree on one thing: 

Free is awesome. 

And as luck would have it, Free Font Awesome accounts include one free Kit so you can get a little tasty morsel of how much time you can save getting icons on your site. 

What is a Font Awesome Kit? 

Well, Kits are the fastest and easiest way to get Font Awesome up and running on your website. Kits allow you to package up your own version of Font Awesome just the way you like it. It’s a little bundle of settings and icons that we think is the best way to use Font Awesome. Plus, using Kits helps you add to your skills. You know, like, nunchuck skills, bow hunting skills, computer hacking skills.  

A Font Awesome Kit Helps You: 

  • Save time getting icons onto your website.
  • Speed up your website by serving your Kits on our global CDN. 
  • Get the latest version of Font Awesome and Font Awesome icons.
  • Apply icon accessibility best practices in just a few clicks. 

Kits Take Care of the Little Annoyances So You Can Get to Work 

With Kits, you’ll get the latest, greatest web technologies  —  HTTP/2, non-blocking requests, etc (lucky!). If getting icons onto your site has been a pain in the past, just add a script tag to your project, and your headaches go away so you can focus on more important things (like training to become a cage fighter.)  

Great Design Should Be Accessible to All

At Font Awesome we’re just a liiiittle bit obsessed with icons, and we think great design should be accessible to everyone. (Just like those little quiche samples.) 

Create a Free Kit

P.s., as the name suggests, Pro Kits take Free Kits to the next level. Just sayin’ …