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Font Awesome 6 Coloring Sheets

Coloring Awesome

by Brian Talbot

Good news, everybody, we’re extending arts and crafts time by four hours today.

We’ve really enjoyed working using the Shape Up methodology at Font Awesome. With it, we’ve successfully and regularly focused on shipping batches of icons, new features like the ability to upload your own icons, and even alpha releases of our next major version – Font Awesome 6.

And we enjoy the time that cool-downs give when working this way. Sure, we tackle bugs and issues, and do R&D work. But we also take time to personally experiment with our icons and software while often throwing some fun in the mix.

As is the case with a lot of other folks, we’ve spent a lot more time with our kids at home over the past year. And those of us with little kids have certainly done our fair share of arts and crafts – often pasting more physical things together than we do HTML icon snippets.

To play a bit with Font Awesome 6’s new Thin style of icons and to preserve our own pandemic parental sanity, we cooled-down and made a set of our own coloring sheets!

Font Awesome's letter and number-based coloring sheets.
C is for cow. And cheese. And cookie-bite.

Some of our kiddos are starting to learn their numbers and letters, so getting into the ABCs of icons was “primary” on our list. And we could use the great new number and letter icons we’ve added to Font Awesome 6.

Font Awesome's space and small-town-based coloring sheets.
Get lost in space or settle into a small town with these scenes.

If you’ve visited Font Awesome’s homepage, you know we have too much fun illustrating seasonal, social, and geeky scenes using only Font Awesome icons. You’ll find two similar scene sheets in the set as well.

Font Awesome's vehicle and animal-based coloring sheets.
Get your paws on some crayons and go beast-mode on these.

Lastly, we just had to include some of our more fun and kid-friendly categories, like Animals and Vehicles. 

You can grab the 9 coloring sheet PDF – they’re available to all kids and kids at heart. We hope you enjoy them and that they help during rough, rainy, and rutty days. Oh, and feel free to share your artwork with us – just mention @fontawesome on Twitter. We’d love to see what color and awesome what you add!

Download Font Awesome Color Sheets PDF!