Font Awesome

What’s new in Font Awesome 5.0.11

by Brian Talbot

Greetings, Starfighters! We’ve got a fresh release of Font Awesome out for download and use. Here are the cliff notes on what’s new and improved…

Improved and Bunches More User Icons

Style revamped and inventory expanded to include other reputable professions like astronauts and ninjas

Like Tron, our community continues to fight for the users, errr, well, in this case for more users. We heard you and took another pass at the visual styleof our existing user icons and added some of the most requested user-related icons as well. And of course, we couldn’t resist throwing a few fun ones in. Check them out!

The Complete Creative Commons Collection

Puttin’ all of these in the public domain!

The Creative Commons brand icon has been in Font Awesome for a long time, but we never added the rest of the symbols folks commonly use to express what can and can’t be done with a piece of work. Now included with Font Awesome Free, you can easily tell someone exactly where you project stands legally with just a couple more icons.

Top Requested Brands

Highlight your awesome auction, authenticity, academic research, and more with these!

We’ve been paying attention to that Icon Leaderboard and prioritizing things that our community has been asking for and voting up. We got some dust off of the top requested brand icons and keybase.ioeBayMastodonResearchGateThe R Project/Language, and TeamSpeak are now included.

All together that’s 40 icons added to Font Awesome Free and 71 available in Font Awesome Pro!


We also tackled the following specific fixes:

  • We made finding the Font Awesome 5 Pro/Free typeface easier in drop down menus for our Desktop design and app folks.
  • We revised the slider icons so that they have the same dimensions across styles.
  • We added the comment-dots icon’s regular style to Font Awesome Free and our helpful shim when upgrading from version 4.
  • We removed the extra code some turkeys added into the brand icon’s SVG file. Scrobble scrobble!

We’ll continue to ship more icons, improvements, and things. Let us know what you think of this update and if you use the new user-ninja icon… 1) do it with stealth, and 2) share a screen grab or URL with us after you’ve escaped!