Font Awesome

Font Awesome Pro CDN Beta and Icon Leaderboard are out!

by Brian Talbot

Happy Spring, folks! Speaking of which, we planted a few new things in the Font Awesome patio garden we think you might want to check out…

We launched a beta of our Pro CDN

Pick the version and style of Font Awesome you want. Then 1 copy + paste is all you need to start using icons

I don’t remember it being that easy.

In our never-ending mission to make Font Awesome even easier to use, we’ve introduced a Pro version of our CDN. Currently in beta, the Pro CDN lets you use all 1,718+ Pro icons without having to worry about downloading and hosting files yourself. Grab the quick line of code, set the domains you want to use Pro on, and get to adding icons even faster.

Since this Pro CDN is in beta, we’re still figuring out some details of how things like usage and authentication work in the long term. Your feedback helps us a ton with this, so share your experience and questions with us at

We have an Official Icon Leaderboard!

The most requested, always fresh and pulled straight from our Community on GitHub

In case some of you are wondering who the best is, they are up here on this plaque.

Ever need an icon that isn’t in Font Awesome yet? Did you go the extra mile and make an icon request or vote one up via our GitHub project? While cranking through new icons, we selfishly thought it’d be useful to more easily see what those top requests are. So we put together the Icon Leaderboard which pulls the most popular icon and brand asks. It also shows when we’ve started working on an icon and when it’s out in the wild for use. Check it out and have your vote heard!

Let us know what you think of these new goodies and keep an eye out for more stuff blooming shortly.