Font Awesome

No πŸ‘•, Sherlock?

by Matt Johnson

After an entirely intentional delay (not really) of a few years, we’re happy to announce that our Cotton Bureau store has some lovely new shirts for your wearing-pleasure. They’re wicked soft, fit great, and feature some really freaking amazing icons.

FA Tabletop Gaming Icons (New!)

Whether you’re a 10th-level code Wizard or a level-1 Medium, there’s no reason to game in an uncomfortable and unstylish tee. Crank up “Back in Black,” cast Call Lightning, and rock hard, code bard! 

FA Emoji Icons (New!)

It goes without saying that Font Awesome emoji icons are face-awesome. They’re sure to give you all the feels β€” especially when you wear them on your sleeve. 

FA Coding Icons (New!)

While Python is not a snake, Java is not coffee, C# is not a musical note, one thing’s certain. Putting these coding icons on a comfy tee is refreshing, just like pressing the F5 key.

FA Design Icons (New!)

Whether you’re the next Picasso or just a doodler, we think you’ll be very font of this shirt. It’s just your type.

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And while you’re perusing Cotton Bureau, check out our legacy designs too!

Font Awesome Official Seal

In 2012 Font Awesome was born at a very young age. Now we’re all growed up, and we’ve become the internet’s icon library + toolkit. Used by millions of designers, devs, and content creators. Open-source. Always free. Always awesome. It seems like an official seal β€” and t-shirt β€” is in order. 

Hot Icons Shirt 

We are forever grateful to hot sauce master David Tran for creating Huy Fong Foods Inc.’s world-famous sriracha sauce. There is no substitute; to commemorate our fandom, we made our own sriracha sauce-themed shirt β€” Font Awesome. The world’s HOT icon set. 

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