Font Awesome

Font Awesome Pro’s Price is Going up

by Dave Gandy

In May, Font Awesome Pro’s price is going up to $99 a year. You can still buy it now at $60, and we’ll let you keep that price as long as your subscription is active!


We’ve added a ton of new stuff in Font Awesome Pro since we set the price a year and half ago at $60/yr. And after we launch two new major projects in May, we think Font Awesome Pro will still be a great deal after we raise the price to $99/yr.

New Categories and Icons

Since version 5.0.0, we’ve added 2,300 new Pro-only icons across 3 styles to Font Awesome. With our current Pro-only total at 3,584, that means we’ve added 182% more icons since the launch. And the number of icons in Font Awesome Free has more than doubled since version 4.


We’re also now up to 53 icon category packs with a full breadth of use cases for whatever your site or project needs. And all of our icons come in 3 styles — solidregular, and light. Including our brand icons, this makes a total of over 5,000 icons now in in the full Font Awesome Pro set. And we’re not slowing down. We’re always adding new icons in each new release.

New Duotone Style

One of our Kickstarter stretch goals was to add 600 Duotone icons into Pro. So we went ahead and made 2.5 times that number and are releasing all 1,500+ icons in the duotone style. Kickstarter and pre-order folks get the entire set, too. We love taking care of the folks who supported us early.


Duotone icons are made up of two distinct layers instead of the usual one. They’re great for when you need to draw a bit more attention to a button, a hero element, or something else in your design. They’ve even got enough visual punch that you might be able to replace some of your illustrations with Pro duotone icons.

And as you might expect, Font Awesome duotone icons work great out of the box. Just change the prefix to fad and they work exactly the same way our solid (fas), regular (far), and light (fal) icons work. We take care of the heavy lifting.

Each duotone icon is separated into two layers: primary and secondary. By default, both inherit the CSS color property. The primary layer has a default opacity: 1.0, and the secondary layer is set to partially transparent. Basically, wherever you drop them, they’ll just work. And when you need full control, you’ll be able to target each layer to change coloropacity, and all the usual CSS properties.

Stay tuned for more details and a demo when we’re ready to launch Pro Duotone icons!

Font Awesome Kits


In May, we’re launching Font Awesome Kits, the easiest and fastest way to customize, serve, and auto-subset your site’s icons.

  • Paste your Kit’s embed code into your website’s head for the fastest way to get Font Awesome up and running.
  • Customize your site’s Kit to control options for Webfont or SVG, versions (including the ability to always load the latest version), auto-accessibility, async loading, and including the version 4 shim. Make changes to your site’s icons and version, all without pushing code.
  • Automatic Subsetting! Load only the icons your site is using for all of our Pro Kits. This means your site’s icons are faster than ever, and you never have to manage your icon inventory with manual subsetting. We’ve made it super-simple to get the fastest Font Awesome possible.

As with the full Duotone set, stay tuned for the May launch of Font Awesome Kits. We hope you’re as crazy about them as we are!

Want to try out the Kits beta? If you’ve got a Pro account, head on over to your account details and enable the Beta features. Don’t have a Pro account? Just input our special super secret cheat code and you can try out the Kits beta for free!

Last Chance to Get Pro At $60/yr

If you’re considering Font Awesome Pro, now is the time to buy. If you get in now at $60/yr, we’ll let you renew at that price for as long as your account is active. Lock your price in now before it goes up to $99/yr!

Questions? We’re happy to chat. Just hit us up at and we’ll get you sorted.