Font Awesome

Font Awesome 5.1: 409 New Icons + More

by Brian Talbot

Font Awesome Version 5.1.0 is here and it’s not just the nerdy semantic versioning bump that makes this update huge. We’ve packed new icon categoriesnew icons, and lots of fixes under the hood to add power and ease when using our icons.

You’ve got 409 new icons waiting for you. That makes more than 1,000 icons added to Font Awesome already this year! That’s a huge source of pride for our small team and we show no signs of stopping.

New EmojiTravel, and Design Category Packs + More

We’ve added 3 new category packs and continue to burn down those 54 packs unlocked during our crazy Kickstarter campaign. Add some personality to your UI by responding to your users with a meh or ROFL emoji icon. Mark off monuments and places of interest with our travel symbols in that map app you’re making. Or jazz up that editor or menu with new design-minded icons.

So many emotes, so little time.

Buses, maps, drinks, momuments, and your own concierge (bell).

Pantone color swatches, markers, vector symbols, and more (turtle neck and scarf icons coming soon)!

And thanks to some of our biggest Kickstarter supporters, we’ve added some commissioned icons alongside a fresh batch of the most requested icons from our leaderboard in this version as well.

Drums, prescriptions, headsets, feathers, cookies and more!

Official JavaScript Components & Better Packages

Based on your feedback, we re-worked how our JavaScript packages are organized. It’s now even easier to npm install Font Awesome quickly and add icons. For those who like to do some tree-shaking or use APIs, we’ve made those bits better and released an official API.

Speaking of official, our AngularEmberReact, and Vue JavaScript components are now out of beta! Many thanks to our brave beta testers and community for helping us to kick the tires and light these fires.

Better Downloads & Easier Upgrades

We found a powerful enough laser beam to break apart the monoliths that were the Font Awesome .zip download files that included everything for desktop, web, and super advanced use cases (plus an extra pair of clean under-britches — how’d those get there?!). Now, we’re providing separate web and a desktop-focused downloads, both complete with simplified folder structures. We hope this helps folks, who prefer to download, get started more easily and save some of their internet bandwidth for playing some good tunes.

Lastly, lots of people have found the shim we included in our SVG + JS framework helpful when upgrading a project from Version 4 to 5. We’re happy to offer that same icon Rosetta Stone shim in our Web Fonts with CSS framework with 5.1. Upgrading from Version 4 to Version 5 has never been easier!

Other Enhancements + Fixes

We also tackled a month’s worth of smaller additions, changes, and fixes. You can check out all of the changes with 5.1.0 on its official release page.

We’d love to hear your opinions on the latest version, so please let us know what you think! If you’ve got questions or feedback, you can get in touch with us via our support page or join the conversation on Twitter or GitHub.