Font Awesome

Extreme Icon (Cuteness) Makeover

by Jory Raphael

This Is A Cocoon, And Inside He’s Going Through Changes. Lots Of Changes.

With Font Awesome version 6, we wanted to add a little more personality to our animals icons. For the most part, this meant making minor changes and adjustments, while keeping the general “core” of the icons the same. OK, who are we kidding. We wanted to make the animals cuter.

At Font Awesome, our icons start life as a blank 16 × 20 pixel grid. In other words, our canvases are small. Very small. And within those confines, our goal is to make simple and legible glyphs. This often requires using as few lines and shapes as possible to convey meaning. And in version 5 of Font Awesome, this was a guiding mantra for our animal-related icons.

We added a little cutesy quotient to the mix and voilà! Now they’re even cuter!

But with some of our animals, there was even more opportunity to stand out from the pack. Take our sheep icon, for example. While there was nothing “wrong” with the version 5 icon, we found some room for improvement.

The version 6 elephant icon features more personality and detail, too, all while remaining distinctly pachydermal.

And here are some more animal icons that received visual updates as part of version 6: squirrel, otter, turtle, hippo, cat, and monkey.

Take a look at a Twitter thread where I go through the process of how I updated the V6 sheep icon. Cuddle party!

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