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FA 1: Behind the Icon — This is DnD

by Matt Johnson

Searching deep within the Neltharion Archives has finally rewarded your diligence. Blowing the dust from the ancient script, you read and discover your search has ended. Now, with the scroll of “How to Use Font Awesome DnD icons,” the adventure can begin. 

Whether you’re a 10th-level code Wizard or a level-1 Medium, there’s no reason your coding cantrip should be stuck at Prestidigitation. Crank up Dragonforce, cast Call Lightning, and rock hard, icon bard! 

This is DnD — The story behind gaming icons. 

OK, OK. So now that we’ve come down from the Misty Mountains, here’s the story behind the DnD category. Well, as rumor has it, as Jory tells it, Travis said, “Jory, you sit down in a dark room and make me some Dungeons and Dragon icons, or else you’re not getting a paycheck.”

A set of four purple blocks in a row featuring individual DnD-themed icons in dark navy including a dungeon, a twenty-sided die, a dragon, and swords crossing.

We can neither confirm nor deny this allegation. But we can confirm that Jory created an array of DnD icons for all your fantasy tabletop gaming needs.

According to Travis, DnD Beyond had some cool icons, and he wanted some for Font Awesome. We’re told he did not threaten paycheck, but we’ll let the Department of Labor sort that out. Or something. 

The real truth is back in the days of the Font Awesome Kickstarter, we promised additional icon categories. And just for the sheer joy of it — because there are many DnD fans here at Font Awesome — we decided we needed a sword, an evil eye, a battle-ax, a twenty-sided die icon, and more. 

Various DnD-themed icons in navy blue on a purple backdrop. Icons include a battle axe, dungeon, dragon, sword, skull and crossbones, evil-eye, twenty sided die, magic wand, etc.

We don’t see our oddball icons in the wild often, but we believe in you, Font Awesome Community. Now’s your chance. Show us whatcha got!  

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