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Font Awesome Re-Vamps Stripe Payment Experience

by Font Awesome

Icons, easy, done.” That’s the name of the icon game here at Font Awesome. And though we’re constantly adding new icon designs, tweaks to our tech, and rolling out new features, there’s lots of other work getting done behind the scenes, too. Case in point: the Stripe payment experience. 

Expanding Stripe payment options to make it easier for everyone

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Have you ever been excited about a new purchase online only to have the checkout process crap out on you? What’s even worse is when you’re trying to give somebody money, but the payment system won’t accept your payment! 

When it comes to online payments, convenience is key. Recognizing this frustration from our own personal experiences as consumers ourselves, we want to make sure our customers never have to deal with that frustration, so they have a smooth experience with Font Awesome. 

So, in collaboration with Stripe, our trusted payment processor, we’ve integrated an even more diverse range of payment methods.

In the past, our international customers sometimes had problems navigating limited payment options or contending with clunky restrictions. But since we partnered up with Stripe to lick the problem, we’ve rolled out even more payment method options.

Say buh-bye to the days of being forced to pay with credit cards alone. At Font Awesome, we’re all about those options – the more, the merrier!

The complications of Stripe payment method expansion 

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But achieving payment method expansion was no walk in the park. According to Mr. Jason Otero, the fearless web developer behind much of the work on the project, integrating with Stripe delved into the intricacies of webhooks. You know, those behind-the-scenes messengers that keep us in the loop when specific events unfold on their platform – like a customer making a payment. 

Creating a seamless flow of information to ensure compatibility with myriad scenarios took meticulous testing and ongoing adjustments.

Picture this: A multitude of edge cases, diverse subscription plans, reactivations, and fluctuating customer statuses over time. The complexity of harmonizing existing payment flows with the integration of new methods required eagle-eyed thoroughness and religiously fussy testing to avoid disruptions, so we could deal with any unexpected scenarios that popped up during the initial rollout.

Embracing diversity, ensuring simplicity

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Diversity isn’t just about options; it’s also about inclusivity. Our expanded payment options match up with our commitment to making Font Awesome accessible to everyone, regardless of where they are in the world. So, whether you’re a globetrotter or resident of the good ‘ol US-of-A, we’ve got you covered.

This isn’t just about payments; it’s about creating an easy experience with Font Awesome. Providing a variety of payment options reflects our dedication – making sure that every click and every transaction is quick and painless.

So, thanks Stripe — and Jason! — for helping us achieve better payment options for our customers. 

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