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Introducing the FA-YouTube channel: Get icon-smart with 5 new bite-sized Font Awesome tutorials 

by Font Awesome

In this classroom, I will suspend all disbelief. 

Hey there, smarty pants! Are you ready to get schooled in the wonderful world of Font Awesome? Well, good news, class is in session. We’ve officially launching our new YouTube channel featuring five new bite-sized screencasts that introduce you to all things Font Awesome. 

We’re spotlighting our new educational videos, and when we put these together, we decided to start with the basics first. Think of these screencasts as Font Awesome 101. 

What the Font Awesome tutorials cover

How to set up your first Kit

A Font Awesome Kit is like a suitcase that carries all the icons and awesomeness you need in a neat little lightweight bundle you can pack into your project easily. We’ll show you how to get set up, add icons and style, or fine-tune your icons’ performance – we’ve got what you need to know to use Font Awesome icons on the web.

How to find and use icons

You can place Font Awesome icons just about anywhere, and make it so that icons take on characteristics and blend in with the surrounding text naturally. We’ll cover the basics of setting up Font Awesome and finding that perfect icon and icon style for your project.

Change the size and color of icons

While getting icons into your project is straight-forward, we’ve also provided additional styling utilities for things like sizing and coloring your icons to make your icons even more awesome. 

How to upload your own custom icon

Now with the magic of Kits, you can upload your own icons and use them alongside – or in place of – official Font Awesome icons! We’ll cover the basics of uploading and using your own icons alongside Font Awesome.

How to subset your icons in Kits 

Have you ever overpacked your book bag? Schlepping extra weight around campus is a drag. We think you should have options for how you build with tech, too. With Subsetting, you can “travel light” whenever you want by choosing just the icons you need, making your site faster than ever.

Revisiting the video(s) that got everything started … 

To celebrate the occasion of our short batch of screencasts, we thought it’d be fun to also feature our original Kickstarter video, the first Font Awesome 6 promo video — that was released under the radar — and the all new Font Awesome 6 video “commercial” that currently appears on our front page.

Fun fact: After our original Kickstarter video was completed, we heard from a pro in the know that injecting humor into tech videos usually falls flat. Well, we’re sure glad we didn’t get any advice to that effect while in pre-production because we’re all about delivering that punchline. We were also really blessed to find a marketing team that really helped capture Font Awesome’s personality. 

So just for giggles, check out the videos. We think you’ll think they’re pretty funny. 

An all-new way to listen to Podcast Awesome

In case you missed it, at the beginning of the year we started a podcast called — wait for it — Podcast Awesome. In this podcast, we talk about icons, design, tech, business, and nerdery with the Font Awesome team. And now we’ve added all episodes to our YouTube channel, too!

We come attcha every other week with 15 to 20-minute bite-size chunks so you can keep up with what’s new with Font Awesome, and get to know the fa-team. 

Get all your Font Awesome information and education in one place! 

With our newly launched YouTube channel you can keep all your media consumption in one tidy place. We’re just getting started with these simple screencasts, but we’ll add more to the syllabus in the months to come, so you can impress your friends and achieve master’s level iconification! 

PS. Last fall, Shoelace joined the Font Awesome team. We’ve been hard at work on an all-new, super-sekrit project. Want to be the first one to find out the big news?

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