Font Awesome

Podcast Awesome: Tech and Design, and Nerds, Oh My!

by Matt Johnson

Open up your eyes, open up your ears, get together and make things better

In just a few weeks, we’re launching a brand new podcast unsurprisingly called — wait for it — Podcast Awesome

You’re welcome.

Podcast Awesome was years in the making.

It took a minute to get this podcast off the ground cause, you know, things get busy. I’d heard “wouldn’t it be cool if ….” repeatedly in meetings and figured — why not now? So, we bought a few microphones; I commissioned some musicians for theme music and started winging it. I mean, how hard could it be? Just press record and start talking. (Huh. Yeah, sure. Anyway, that’s a story for another time.) 

So, what can you expect from Podcast Awesome?

In this podcast, we’ll talk about icons, naturally.

We chat with icons designers Jory Raphael and Noah Jacobus about all the new icons and styles that went into building Font Awesome 6 — especially the all-new Sharp icons. And was Jory really coerced into making a Dungeons and Dragons icon set? Listen in to find out!

We’ll dive deep into the tech of how we build things. 

Keep up to date on how we continue to iterate on building a more robust, feature-rich Font Awesome. You’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at what we’ve built and what’s coming up for the future. (We’re shooting for flying cars, but we can’t make any promises.)

We’ll talk about building healthy workplaces. 

As Dave Gandy has said, “we believe the most substantive pieces of company culture come from everything people are outside of the workplace. Everything they do and bring with them from home is where the richness and depth of a company’s culture can come from.” (Pro tip: Mind-blowing chocolate chip cookie recipes always helps culture-building.) 

And, of course, we’ll nerd out along the way. 

This is a big one at Font Awesome. Nerdery can have a real catalyzing effect. And we’d go so far as to say that sci-fi franchise toy collecting, D&D playing, coffee roasting, and 8-bit video game obsessing can bring people together, help build a healthy culture, and create goodwill among teammates. At least it does at Font Awesome. Share in the fun as we geek out together! (We promise we won’t attempt to speak Klingon.)

Doing new stuff (like podcasts) is hard — but fun! 

To be honest, I was a bit reluctant to host Podcast Awesome. ‘Cause, you know, doing new stuff is hard, and who doesn’t hate the sound of their own voice? Still, after a bit of Travis Chase’s cajoling, I’ve really come to enjoy not only hosting the podcast but also stitching conversations together, curating the theme music, and editing. I hope you enjoy listening to these podcasts as much as I enjoyed the conversations firsthand!

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