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Commission a Font Awesome Icon

by Jory Raphael

I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.

At Font Awesome, we make icons. Lots of icons. Like, literally, thousands of icons. We have coding icons, shopping icons, and even science fiction icons. We have icons that tell the weather and icons that tell the time. We even have icons for the best of times and for the worst of times.

The simple truth is, even with a decade of making icons under our belt, we don’t always have what you’re looking for. It can be frustrating reaching for the perfect icon, only to have it not be there. We know. We’ve been there. The only difference is that when we’re missing an icon, we can just make it and add it directly to Font Awesome. But what if we told you that that was an option for YOU, too? Yup. If an icon is missing, Font Awesome can make it for you. 

We’ll make your icons for you. From scratch. 

If the time ever comes when you can’t find the icons you need, you can think of Font Awesome as your very own in-house icon magicians. We’ll design them for you — alakazam! — and add them directly to Font Awesome 6.

A large portion of our Medical + Health category is available thanks to sponsorship by the Harvard Medical School.

We design each commissioned icon to explicitly match the look and feel of existing Font Awesome icons. That means your new icons will be right at home with such icon classics as house, magnifying-glass, and the unforgettable mug-saucer. Not only that, but your commission will be crafted in all existing (and future!) Font Awesome styles. We also have special deals for packs of six (6) or even twenty-four (24) icons. You can even add your logo!

One of these icons is a commission!
Did you know we had some pinball icons? Well, we do! (Thanks to Pindigo!)

After your commission is received, we’ll work with you to transform your original request into a bonafide Font Awesome icon. We’ll share drafts with you along the way, and after approval, we’ll officially upload the icons to Font Awesome for everyone to use.

Commissioned icons help us help you … and everyone else.

Did you know some of our most popular icons were commissioned? It’s true. We’ve been able to fill out categories and add new and needed icons to Font Awesome because of direct support by sponsored commissions.

Check out a few examples of our commissions: 

We’ve been able to take flight in new ways thanks to Preflight Technologies Incorporated.
Building bridges!
Brevity is the soul of wit, thanks to
Both the new mouse, and our hippo icon were commissions!

Added bonus: commission an icon and you’ll get a public shoutout!

When you commission an icon, you’ll be noted as an official sponsor when folks view your commissioned icon’s details — we’ll even sing about your support on!

But if you’re not ready to commission an icon just yet but want to influence what comes next, you can make an icon request and vote it up the ranks on our icon leaderboard to get it officially added to Font Awesome.

Commission a Font Awesome Icon!