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How to Use Font Awesome Pro with Stackable

by Christian Helms

Wonder twins powers activate!

Whether you’re a developer, designer (or even a beginner), you can build your website with ready-made designs like a superhero (with no code) with Stackable’s ready-made designs and page building tools. Pair Stackable with Font Awesome, and you’ve got yourself a pair of the World’s Greatest Superfriends

Ready to Build Your Website with Ready-Made Designs?

In this article, we’ll take a look at how Stackable enables new and exciting Font Awesome features so you can style the size, opacity, and rotation of your icons. Stackable also allows you to add gradients to color your icons differently and even choose the colors you want to use for your duotone icons.

Ready to build a site complete with awesome icons for the good of all mankind? 

Let’s go! 

Form of a rad site

Setup and Installation

To start, you’ll need Stackable Premium, which you can get for $35 a year for a single site license or $99 a year for an unlimited site license. For this tutorial, we’ll stick with a single site license.

The Stackable license for a single site is $35 per year. The unlimited license plan is $99 per year.
Do you need a single, or unlimited license? You’ve got options.

Click the “Buy Now” button and finish going through the payment and setup process. After you buy Stackable, they’ll send you  an email with the premium plugin download. Download the plugin.

Now, go to your WordPress dashboard to install Stackable on your WordPress site. You can get to your dashboard by going to

Your Domain dot com

Then, go to Plugins > Add New

Screenshot of an editor clicking "ad new" on a WordPress plugin dashboard.
Go to plugins and click, “Add New”.

Click Add New by Plugins and then Upload Plugin and select the Stackable plugin we just downloaded. Then, click the Install Now button followed by Activate, and you’re taken to Stackable’s Getting Started page.

Screenshot of Stackable's Getting Started page.

From here, go to the Settings tab, where you’ll enter your Font Awesome Pro kit code to use Font Awesome Pro on Stackable.

Getting your Font Awesome Pro Kit Code

Screenshot of Icon Library Settings with instructions on using Font Awesome Pro icons in Stackable.
Input your Font Awesome Pro Kit code.

To get your Font Awesome Pro kit code, you’ll first need to go to the Font Awesome website and sign in to your pro account. Then click the user icon in the top right.

If you don’t have a Font Awesome Pro account, you’ll need to sign up before using Font Awesome Pro in Gutenberg through Stackable blocks.

Font Awesome account button
Sign in to your Pro account.

Next, choose Kits.

Screenshot of using on Font Awesome's Account Details screen selecting "Kits."

To get your kit code, either open a preexisting kit or create a new one.

Stackable renders icons using SVG instead of Web Font, so you’ll need to change the technology from Web Font to SVG. You can do this by going to Settings.

Screenshot of Stackable's settings screen.

Scroll down to Technology and select SVG. Then scroll down and Save Changes.

You’ll see the kit code located toward the top of the page.

Screenshot of using choosing "Pro" and "SVG" on technology screen.
Screenshot of Copy Kit Token screen.

Copy the kit token shown in the screenshot (9c08f87ee6), and paste it into the Stackable settings section under Icon Library Settings. Then click Save Changes

Now we’re all set up. The only thing left is to show off some icons.

Using Font Awesome Icons with Stackable

Next, we’re going to add an icon to a new page, and then we’ll walk through how to add styles like gradients, rotation, and color to your icons with Stackable. 

Create a new page on WordPress.

Then, add a new icon block to your page.

Screenshot of editor creating a new page in WordPress.
Screenshot of editor in WordPress choosing the icon block.

Adding a block loads a generic star icon to start, but you can change it to whatever you want. Plus, now that you’ve paired Font Awesome Pro with Stackable, you can use all of Font Awesome’s icons. You can browse through the icons or search for specific icons. 

Screenshot of editor searching for icon type.

Note: When browsing, you won’t be able to scroll through all the icons. To get access to all icons, you have to search for specifics.  

Screenshot of multiple styles of a camera icons.

Font Awesome Features With Stackable

Now for the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Let’s look at how Stackable helps enable new and well, awesome Font Awesome features so you can style the size, opacity, color, and rotation of your icons

Icon Styling

Select the icon you want to style. Then on the right side of the screen in the tool panel, we can expand the “Icon” tab, which will let us style the icons as we’d like.

Screenshot of icon decoration settings.

Then scroll down until you find the size, opacity, and rotation sliders.

Screenshot of of editor choosing icons size, opacity and rotation.

You can resize the icon, change the opacity, and the icon rotation from this panel.

Screenshot of editor changing style settings of a retro camera icon.


To add a gradient to your icon, select the icon then, scroll down until you see the color options. Pick the “Gradient” option.

Screenshot of editor choosing gradient and color options.

By selecting this tab, it will enable the gradient option on the filter. Now you can change the colors as you’d like.

Screenshot of retro camera icon after gradient and color options have been chosen.

Coloring Duotone Icons

Select the duotone icon you want to change the color of, and in the tool panel on the right click, “Multicolor.” 

Screenshot of editor choosing icon multicolor options.

Now, you can pick the primary and secondary colors for your Font Awesome duotone icons.

Screenshot of editor choosing duotone icon colors.

Note: The “Multicolor” option will pop up no matter what icon style you’re using; however, it will only be usable with duotone icons.

Banish the Dark Forces of Bland Websites 

And there you have it. When Font Awesome and Stackable join forces, they’re like a dynamic duo fighting the injustice of un-awesome sites so you can build your website with ready-made designs for the good of all mankind. 

Learn more about Stackable, and you might just consider extending your icon superpowers with thousands of more options with Font Awesome Pro!

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