Font Awesome

Font Awesome 5.0.13 — “The Quest for Requests”

by Brian Talbot

Hi, all. We just shipped a new version of Font Awesome that we’re hoping is a crowd favorite. Font Awesome’s been around for a bunch of years now and as it’s grown, so has the number of people using it. Up until its pre-teen years, the project was a one-man show. That meant that even the most popular icon requests sometimes didn’t get added into the set, which could range from a bummer to “really frickin’ frustrating”. Now that we’re a small team, we’re changing that.

Here’s a care package of the most requested icons throughout Font Awesome’s yearsnew commissioned icons thanks to some of our strongest Kickstarter Backers, and a few tweaks to some old favorites too.

You can always add more sprinkles… and dice, and math, and robots, and stroopwafels, and infinity (well, not mathematically)

Whether you’re thinking in your head “Finally! it only took X years to get this icon in.” or “Sweet! I didn’t even know I needed that icon”, download or update your CDN reference to give 5.0.13 a shot. We’ve got 64 new icons waiting for you in Font Awesome Free and 192 new icons in Font Awesome Pro.

If you’ve got a new request we should add, check out our Icon Leaderboard and see how you can get the community behind your idea.

We’ll keep cranking away on those remaining Kickstarter goodies, useful services, more icons of course, and a few fun treats. In meantime, let us knowif we’ve placed enough “checks and balances” in Font Awesome for you (sorry, as Dads, these jokes come too easily to us ).